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About Me

Hey!, It's Me, Audrey!

 I have been creating since I can remember!

I really believe that the passion comes from my Mom. She loves to sew, read, write, do puzzles and pretty much try anything creative.  One of my earliest memories is of me, hand-sewing doll clothes without a pattern while my mom was sewing clothes on her sewing machine in the adjoining room.  I hope the love of creating comes through my work. 

I take great pride in my creations and I am grateful that you appreciate gifts for you or for others that have been created by hand by artists like me!


Check out my latest Kiln Opening on YouTube!

20191008_145251 (1).jpg
Audrey 2018-06-03, 15 35 37_edited.jpg

Other Stuff About Me

I love to paint!

I love to spin!

I love to play!

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