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Slow Cool Firing Schedule for Potters

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Three clay pots being fired.
Pottery Firing

I have had many people asking me on my Youtube channel: Audrey Lynn Studios

where they can get the Slow Cool Firing Schedule that I use when I glaze fire my stoneware creations.

I was having real trouble with pinholing. Pinholing in pottery refers to a glaze defect characterized by small, unglazed dots or pinprick-sized holes on the surface of a fired ceramic piece. This issue arises when air bubbles become trapped in the glaze during application or firing, preventing the glaze from fully covering the clay body. Pinholing can result from various factors, such as improper glaze consistency, inadequate cleaning of the bisque-fired piece, or firing at an incorrect temperature. Since I bisque my pieces to cone 04, clean the pieces thoroughly and am careful to apply my glazes properly, I knew the problem was probably in the firing!

In my quest to find a solution to this aggravating problem, I came across the Slow Cooling

Firing Schedule developed by Camille Hoffman and Perry at SKUTT kilns.

Camille Hoffman Potters Choice Firing Schedule
Firing Schedule

KEEP READING! I had never programmed my kiln before so I pulled out the manual to my kiln and tackled the new adventure. The results were FANTASTIC! No Pinholes! What a relief! The only thing was, I previously had always fired to Cone 6, and this schedule did not seems to get that high and so I did not get the glaze movement I wanted. Also, some of my glaze combinations looked different than when they were fired to Cone 6. So I played with the schedule a little bit and managed to get the kiln to fire hotter with the new schedule. I am still playing with but for now, I use the Slow Cool Schedule with some changes.

Slow Cool Firing Schedule with Augmented Fifth Segment
Firing Schedule Slow Cool

So, I am still working on bumping up the 5th segment to get the kiln firing at a hotter temperature so that I can get the runs that I want on my glazed pieces.

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